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The Media Center is an organizational and technical complex designed for coverage of the EXPO-2017 Exhibition events and allowing the mass media to provide full information on the Exhibition to TV and Internet audience, promulgation of the Republic of Kazakhstan achievements, and also generation and dissemination of photo and video content.

 The main tasks of Media Center:

- Organization of high-grade professional TV broadcasting of the events held under the Astana EXPO-2017 Exhibition;

- Ensuring of operational comfort for journalists of international, national and regional mass media;

- Organization of press conferences, briefings and interviews;

- Integrity and prompt dissemination of all the video and audio information for mass media;

- 130 jobs;

- Integration with modular equipment package.

The Media Center Users:

- Officers of the governmental agencies

- Entrepreneurship

- Participants of the Exhibition

- Respondents and spokespersons

- Mass media officers, correspondents and journalists

- Translators and interpreters

- Technicalandservitorialstaff


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