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Dear guests, welcome to Museum of Future Energy Nur Alem!
8 level
The most significant tourist object of the EXPO-2017 after-exhibition heritage is the Nur Alem pavilion-museum. It is remarkable that this new symbol of our capital Astana was mostly referred to by international mass media. The Future Energy Museum became the same symbolic sign of Kazakhstan as the Eiffel Tower for Paris and the Crystal Castle for London, etc.
Presently, the Nur Alem is the mostly visited tourist’s objects. The residents and guests of Astana get the possibility both to have fun and to enrich them with unique knowledge concerning the energy, its sources and ways it is used. We should also add that the Nur Alem complex was recognized as special guarded national architectural object in November.

The Nur Alem pavilion is the 8-floored building having a unique spherical shape. The conception is represented as the Future Energy Museum.
onthe 1st floor
the National Pavilion is located at the bottom of the Nur Alem, this area is divided in two main sectors:
  • the sector of Creating Energy comprises the best projects of local scientists, all initiatives in the sphere of energy and environment protection, the “green economy” projects which have been successfully implemented in the regions of our country and the model of Kazakhstan fusion reactor Tokamak.
Starting from the 2nd to the 8th floor of the sphere there are demonstrations of the main energy types: space energy, sun energy, biomass energy, wind energy, water energy and kinetic energy.
Level 2: TheWaterEnergy
The demonstration of the water energy starts with artistic installation of the dam showing the process of energy creation with the help of water.
Level 3: The Kinetic Energy
The exhibition starts from the archive of dynamic pictures demonstrating the historical artefacts related to the kinetic energy.
Level 4: TheBiomassEnergy
The 4th level is represented as a square of green panorama and shows different sorts of grains – the source of biomass representing the «warehouse» of the sun energy.
Level 5: TheWindEnergy
Demonstration of the wind energy starts from the Wind Alley where visitors can feel different winds’ speed.
Level 6: TheSunEnergy
The 6th level get visitors acquainted with various ways of using the Sun energy: starting those used by ancient civilizations and coming to modern leading technologies.
Level 7: TheSpaceEnergy
Presentation of the space energy starts from demonstration of scientific research illustrating the long-term plans and ides of space energy production.
Level 8: The future Astana
The visitors start their travel on the 8th level; they can get there by means of 8 elevators. By reaching the highest level a visitor gets acquainted with the exposition dedicated to Future Astana – the capital of Kazakhstan. The city model represents its views with regard to its stable development and environmental efficiency.

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