The EXPO heritage / After-exhibition use

Presently the EXPO facilities host such large-scaled projects as:
IFCA, «Astana Hub», Green Technologies Center, the IT-University project is being implemented.
It is planned to use С4.6 pavilion for International Technical Park for IT-startups «Astana Hub» providing lecture rooms, conference halls, and special laboratories to implement virtual reality projects, start-ups as well as offices for the partners and administration of «AstanaHub»
«Astana Hub» - is one of the main components of governmental program «Digital Kazakhstan». It is the center that will give birth to interesting and unique startups that will further contribute to realization of this program.
Pavilion С3 and С4 hosted international pavilions during the exhibition period. Now those facilities shall host International Financial Center «Astana».
Current area of both pavilions is 56,8 thousands sq. meters. After reconstruction the area shall be increased up to 82 thousands sq. meters.
С3 block shall host different structural divisions of IFCA: - administration, international court, committee, stock exchange, etc. The banks and educational institutions of IFCA will be placed in block С4.
The rest two international pavilions will host the IT-University (С2) and Business Center (С1). The area of two pavilions before reconstruction is 47,6 thousands sq. meters, after reconstruction it will be increased up to 72,3 thousands sq. meters

As initiated by the Head of the State, the International Green Technologies Center shall be placed in EXPO facilities using the pavilion The Best Practices Zone.
The creation of IT-University on EXPO basis is quite appropriate since the University will engage in preparation of highly qualified personnel for digital economy of our country. The business center is oriented mainly to meet the aims and tasks of IFCA. It will host the representatives of large international organizations and financial institutions as well as IFCA participants.
The «Best Practices Zone» shall be the EXPO-2017 heritage to transfer innovation technologies and best world practices in the process of transition to green economy. The center shall closely cooperate with the UN and OSCE institutions.

Part of exposition «The Best Practices Zone» shall stay in the framework of this Center and part of it shall be transferred to Nur-Alem pavilion. Thus, we can save the EXPO heritage. The area before reconstruction is 3115 sq. meters, after reconstruction it will be 4,6 thousands sq. meters.

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